Four Key Features to Look for When Buying an Adult Diaper

Urinary incontinence is actually more common than advertised. Statistics show that over 25 million Americans alone struggle with urinary incontinence. Additionally, some people will make the choice to wear adult diapers for comfort (sometimes referred to as ABDL). When faced with the task of choosing an adult diaper for every day/night wear, many users find themselves overwhelmed. What we have done below is compiled some helpful hints for finding the best adult diaper for you. While the list isn’t all inclusive, it’s a good starting reference for when shopping for adult diapers.

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1. Quality of Materials

When purchasing your first adult diaper, you will need to consider its construction. Every diaper company creates their diapers a little differently, so it’s usually a good idea to do some research before you buy. You can perform a few basic tests to see what grade of diaper you are dealing with.

A. Plastic Thickness

If the outer plastic is thick and buttery, the diaper is almost definitely a more premium product. If the plastic is thin and crinkly the diaper can be prone to rips, pinhole leaks, and tears.

B. Strong Leak Guard

The diaper should feature a strong standing leak guard along the insides of the diaper. This Leak Guard helps prevent splashes and leaks during wetting. If the leak guard is well-woven, strong, and consistent; then the diaper should be able to hold up to all sorts of accidents.

C. Strong Tapes

The diaper tapes are a crucial part of the diaper’s anatomy. At a glance, the tapes should be properly fastened to the backing of the diaper. Adult diapers can feature a large variety of different tapes, so it’s usually good to figure out your favorite style before you buy.

D. Brand Reliability

Along the way, you’ll inevitably encounter defective diapers. This happens to everyone. The real question is if the company you ordered from is willing to reimburse you for the defective product. A company that places customer service above all else will usually be a good company to buy from. ABUniverse, for example, is a company that provides excellent customer service and is able to provide high quality adult diapers worldwide.

Absorption, Fluid Displacement

Every Adult Diaper has a different capacity for liquids. While some Medical Diapers are made to hold 2-3 wettings, Premium Diapers have been known to hold over a gallon. A small portion of Adult Diapers feature an absorbent core that help disperse the fluid to make sure the entire diaper gets coverage. Premium adult diapers feature Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) that can absorb 300 times its own weight in liquid (from 30 to 60 times its own volume). Good SAP displacement ensures that the diaper doesn’t “clump up” when worn for long periods of time. When worn properly, a premium adult diaper can be worn for over many hours without threat of leaking or clumping up.

Durability, Leak Proofing

When premium adult diapers have high absorbency SAP Cores they require strong standing leak guards to make sure fluids don’t splash out and cause leaks. Leaks can be caused from low quality leak guards or low-quality plastic being used in production. Low-quality plastic will often result in pinhole leaks (small holes in the plastic that seep liquid). This can cause users to leak even though they haven’t filled the diaper anywhere near capacity. While the stronger plastic keeps the wearer safe, a small portion of wearers actually prefer thinner plastic for its “Crinkle Properties”. Thinner plastics will make more sound than thicker plastics and can appeal to a wide variety of different diaper wearers. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Comfort, Breathability

Most adult diapers are worn for extended periods of time and need to be breathable and comfortable. In 2017, a large majority of Medical Companies changed their standard so that the new run of diapers would be exclusively cloth-backed instead of their usual plastic backing. While plastic backing is preferred by a large portion of diaper wearers, cloth-backed diapers are a favorite for warmer climates. Cloth Diapers have been known to wick liquid away from the skin just as well as their plastic counterparts. An adult diaper’s ability to wick liquid away from your body while still remaining breathable is a pretty big deal. Keeping your body dry is a good way to prevent rashes and sores from developing in your diapered region.

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