Absorbency and Wearability: Choosing the Right Adult Diaper

According to the National Association for Continence (NAFC), more than 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence or other related bladder-control problems. Wearing adult diapers is one of the few medication-free means that help incontinent people feel comfortable and able to go out in public and be productive in their daily lives. Finding the right adult diaper can be difficult when there is a wide range of options. You will find the right product through two key means: wearability and absorbency.


There are countless brands of adult diapers and several websites/medical outlets offer products like the ABDL-friendly ABUniverse or Tykables, which also offers clothing designed in mind to accommodate incontinent people and members of the ABDL community. When choosing the best brief to purchase, wearability might be the most important factor. Yes, even more vital than the absorbency of a brief.

Depending on how long you wear an adult diaper, you have to consider the fit and if it’s comfortable around the hips. Some products are cheaply made and can provoke scratching and crotch adjusting to the point where it might become noticeable in a public setting. You need to consider buying a diaper that’s constructed from comfortable material. The plastic should not be cheap or rough. It should be smooth and comfortable against the skin. The plastic shouldn’t be too heavy or your skin will not have a chance to breathe. You don’t want the sensation of clamminess on your skin when the product has been used.

Built-in scent and elastic bands are other features in the wearability of an adult diaper. The built-in scent will prolong how many hours you can wear the diaper before requiring a change. The front and back elastic bands can act as a waistband so the diaper can stretch and conform with your body instead of being stiff in place.


Absorbency is the next factor in finding the best product. A reliable diaper should be able to absorb as much liquid as a full bladder can output. When searching through the various brands of incontinence briefs, you have to ask how much liquid can this diaper hold? Can the diaper hold this amount comfortably? How well does it absorb the liquid? At what point is it prone to leaks? When does the diaper start to feel like a swimming pool?

If you’re planning to wear a diaper for extended periods of time, like during a work shift or a full night’s rest, you need to look at products that can absorb about 5000ml of liquid or more. This is the equivalent of five liters. For reference, the large bottles of soda that normally come with pizza are about one liter.

It’s ultimately important that an adult diaper still be wearable after its been soiled. If you need to change after a minimal amount of wettings while away from home, you might want to consider exploring other alternative products in the incontinence industry.

You also must think about the bulkiness if the diaper is thick and extremely absorbent. There are diapers available at major companies like ABUniverse that hold more than 6000ml and aren’t bulky. You don’t want to have your balance tipped because of a thick waddle due to thickness surrounding your hips.

If you carefully research for proper absorbency, comfort and craftsmanship in the style of the diaper, you will be able to find an adult brief that works best for you and your needs. Just remember that incontinence is graded as mild, moderate and severe. Diapers for adult incontinence are labeled in terms of the kind of incontinence they can handle. Every situation is different, and you must look at what diaper and what specific level of absorbency works best for you and your personal needs.

By Jacob Ward, © 2018